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3rd on Tiomila 2016 and home EOC behind doors

After the while is time for English again with Tiomila and EOC behind the doors.

Tiomila 2016

The night of Tiomila is always an amazing experience. This time it was a short night as mi task was on the seventh leg. I could sleep only few hours and during them, our team did not have the best start into the relay, but with perfect runs on second and third leg we climb back into the long night train. That was our goal and we were ready to attack afterwards as we did. We manage again to make the competition spectacular and dramatic until the end and finished on nice 3rd place loosing victory in final sprint.


photo by Jukka

My 7th leg

We were a bit behind after 6th leg. This year I got a new task to run a night leg. The advantage was, that terrain of “middle distance style” legs, was not extremely challenging. As you can see from GPS link, controls were just between skiing tracks and best routes were often by using those tracks. I manage to do a good run nearly without any mistake and move our team closer to the leading SNO.


On the way to EOC2016

I was a bit down whole season, trying hard, but not achieving expected results. That is one of the reasons, why my English blog was down. There was nothing to write about in English… However, it seems that my feelings are turning and I feel myself light and strong during orienteering again. I had some break from orienteering competitions after WOC. I tried to build up back physical shape and aim for autumn competition block. It started last weekend with Czech long distance champs and following with WC final in Arosa.

Czech long Champs in the EOC 2016 terrain As I already wrote, we had Czech Champs in Jeseniky Mountains. I guess terrain is pretty relevant to the EOC 2016 long distance. You can expect steep slopes, sometimes bit heavy undergrown, but basically really fast and runnable forest. Our course was about 15,2 km long and winner Baptiste Rollier run it in 94min. I have lost bit over two minutes, but was really happy for my feelings!

For Czech readers Moje analýza již byla odeslána na svetbehu.cz v sekci Orientační běh

GPS tracking link

And some pictures from it.


Norwegian Spring and Halden TC

I spend last week in Halden with Kalevan Rasti. For outsiders it might seem strange that two biggest rivals of last year’s train together, but we were really warmly welcome in Halden. As there are many pretty strong friendships between many KR and Halden runners. I have to confirm that Halden is really a paradise for orienteering and they offer nice training possibilities around the city. We joined two Halden club trainings and especially 10mila night test during last Tuesday was pretty difficult for me. Terrain was quite flat and I did struggle a lot to find secure strategy during the night as you can see from link below: Loggator Ryggerod

Otherwise we did much training with two main focuses. The first one was on night orienteering as days to Tiomila are cutting down. The second focus was on the exploration of WC2015 and WOC2016 terrains. My first impression was bit unclear and I got really scared about my future results in those slow and heavy running terrains. However, by the time I got used to it…

Norwegian Spring Two Competitions of Norwegian spring were concluding our training camp. My legs were still quite fresh during Saturday middle, but Sunday […]

World cup Tasmania long

I just got a map on the start and was impressed. There was a little time on the small path to read the long leg to the 3rd control. During this time I did not find any solution. Later the stony slope did not allow runners to read the map in advance and suddenly I was on the second control. As I did not find any solution of the leg, I took the straight option. Running was really heavy in this hilly, stony terrain with lot of underground. However when I reached the hill before 3rd control I decided to go straight, because the fire from last year’s burn out all the under vegetation and running was suddenly extremely fast. This was an unexpected change and runners have to shift higher speed to be able to compete with the best. As the beginning of the course was an amazing experience, the rest was basic and fast orienteering course. I finished on the 9th place.

As we were not running with GPS, it is difficult to evaluate long leg. As Mattias and Daniel left variant was clearly the fastest:

maps with routechioces Hubmann, Kyburz and Dent Matt Kerchi splits

please leave […]

World cup Tasmania sprint and middle

Already two years ago we (me and Seda) got an invitation to Tasmanian WC. We were smiling, it was too far ahead. However, I started to think about this summer and due to support of my sponsor, I am here! Thanks!

More up to date info is on Czech orienteering facebook profile

WC sprint 28th place I got a nice feeling after qualification. The qualification race was in the terrain of First Basin in Launceston. This is a really handsome park, just suitable for WC qualification race. The final race was located to the local university campus. This was much trickier and I struggled a lot. I missed already on the way to the second control and never climb back into the pace. It was again an amazing performance of the Swiss guys, as you can see from results.

Worldofo analyze Results

WC middle 9th place The Coles Bay was the village just next to competition terrain. It is one of the main tourist attractions and gateway to Freycinet national park. I am spending my time with Gernot, so we made some training in St Helens area, but those trainings did not go well for me. The terrain does not […]

Sprint ?orienteering? relays

I had ran second race on WOC2014 yesterday, sprint relays. The question mark in header is there for purpose, because I am not sure how much this was about orienteering? I got the same strange feeling after running World Games Sprint last year.

It is all about (orienteering) This year on WOC Sprint Relay organizers got a really nice terrain with some tricky areas, from some reason they did not use them to make this race trickier. Of course this was a tight competition and I guess it have to be really spectacular for the many spectators in the city. I had enjoyed amazing cheering all the way through 3rd leg, but…

For example we did a lot of theoretical preparation with the Czech team and here is just example of bit more tricky course thought city. Here you can find my course; I set out before the race: map1 map2 On the one hand with this kind of forking and course race might be bit less tight and maybe not so spectacular, on the other hand we are orienteer’s and orienteering might be on the first place!

7th place for Czech team We were not the favorites of relays, […]

Project WOC Long down, due to relay focus

This year I did whole winter aim for WOC Long distance. My project LONG did have a first signs of failure on EOC. There I did decide to skip a long distance, because terrain did not suite my so well. I need bit slower and hillier terrain to be able to succeed on long. And of course success on middle give me some self-confidence for WOC middle.

Selection races I did aim all my focus for our Selection races and even got a idea to skip our sprint selection race to put myself under bigger pressure. In the end my fear win and I did not want to miss sprint selection race. After two OK runs on sprint and middle compare to other Czech guys I was not any more in hungry mood before starting long selection race. My run on Long selection race was terrible. I was so afraid, that I do not have enough good speed and focused myself just for running with two terrible mistakes in early part of course. Even I was still able to reach some pretty good splits in longer route-choices my result was pretty poor.

GPS from Long

WOC, all disciplines without long […]

Czech sprint champs

Czech orienteering federation is doing a good job and our Czech Sprint Championship was again live in TV. It was pretty nice race, but preparation of my club mates made it easier. As you can see, Jan Flasar prepared really good map and Lubos Mateju put it into good design. My first course was not the best one, but I guess well the place of start.

link to the map which was published before race

After reading an article on city websites, I understood that we will not go to castle, so first course was bit wrong, but I did not set any other courses. I was just measuring few long legs and surprisingly I again guess well the route-choice to the third control. That made my decision about route-choice easier and I was not cached to the trap of running around the castle from the right.

In overall it was a nice sprint, but I missed few times about 5s on mistakes. I finished second behind Vojta Kral. It was fourth time in row I was second and again with small margin. So I am still waiting for my first gold from Czech Sprint Championship, the only missing […]

Tiomila victory and silver from Portugal


This weekend was again one of the most enjoyable. It is amazing, how Kalevan Rasti guys get relaxed before the start of 10mila or Jukola. We did made a lot of theoretical preparation for 10mila during this winter and it was paid back during night from 3rd to 4th May 2014. Our full focus on orienteering and no-mistake strategy work again. Like Hannu planned this year we were using Mo Farah strategy, „when the last lap began, we were in the lead and ran the last lap in 53 seconds. No one was able to run over us.“

For me it was a bit special 10mila. Even I do not feel like a biggest star of our club, I got an opportunity to run last leg, due to new distribution of legs distances. I have to thank to:

Kiril, even when he had longer forking he did a perfect job! Juuso, it is amazing how he handle his first time in our first team Jere, who is still living the dream, that there is forking on 10mila. He did never run forked course in our first team… Hannu and his controlled performance, but mainly for being big heart of […]

Czech EOC test races

Sometimes I feel that too much orienteering is not any more worth full for my development and even in my age I made again the same mistake. After long training camp in Portugal with MCO and POM competitions, I went straight to Slovenia with Czech team…

you can read more about our camp on Czech team webpage

I hit my knee in Slovenia and after thought training program during weekend 15-16 March, I got an inflammation into it. I would like to thanks to my doctor Jirka Funda, who give me again short time appointment and kill inflammation with antibiotics so I was able to start on our test races in the end of last week.

Friday 21st March 3km test run Track in Mlada Boleslav is nice, but always windy. It was same this time. I cooperated with Vojta Kral to fight against the wind, but we were too slow in the first kilometre and before last lap we were 6s down to reach time 8:45 to get full points. Vojta manage to run last lap for 63s and score full points, but I finished 2s down to him with time 8:46 and first time in my life did […]