Jan Bet Procházka

>France NEXT

>I am leaving for the training camp to the France with Czech team. I am looking forward, because program looks challenging.

Kalevan Rasti team is on the training camp in Bulgaria right now, so last days in Joensuu were quite silent and boring with an exception of Biathlon World Cup at the weekend. I did support Michal Slesinger well…

In the beginning of February, We did have training camp in Slovenia. I can recommend this destination to everyone. More info is on CZE webpages or JEva.

Finally the highlight of article, two weeks ago I did run 10km of road running Kbelská desítka. This competition does start in the same village, where Jan Šedivý is living. Unfortunately, strong snowstorm during night covered the entire track with snow so times were poor. The winner Peter Losman was really strong in the end and I am waiting his time from Roma marathon this weekend. I was nearly beaten by Jan Mrazek for the first time in running competition. But he is still Pragovácká sole…In the end we have to paint sauna, because we beat Jan Sedivy and he do not have any blog to answer back…