Jan Bet Procházka

>Training camp times

>Just watch the movies and go twice a day for the o-training, what the life. I did spend two last weeks with this easy lifestyle, firstly in the France with the Czech national team. there was written already much about our cooperation with the Swedish team. The result was the best training camp I have ever been. My runs on the measured trainings were quite good, but I was quite poor in the low speed trainings.I spend just two days in Joensuu and we were traveling again to Sweden. Southern Sweden is destination without the snow, but pretty far from Joensuu. With some Longeros on the boat, it was possible to survive over 24h of traveling.

Times are changing, during pressure training Miika was not able to follow Kalle and during 10M test Kalle beat me badly…Mari just shows to Heikkonen, what happend tonight with his hand. See you in autumn!

Our coach Pipo just find out that I lost my brain somewhere on the way from France. This results in quite good runs in night mass start training (half on the rouds and avg speed 4:18 in the night!) and in the competition, but also in two 5min […]