Jan Bet Procházka

>Worse mapmaker than Fabu

>After a long time I have to return back to WOC 2011. We did not have access to the internet during the WOC and just after I have a lot of work with my Master Thesis…


This was my biggest goal and biggest disappointment during WOC. I did make the same as Fabu and redraw whole map to OCAD with use of old maps and street-view. You can never trust this kind of the map and I am worse mapmaker compare to Swiss precision…

I did not success in the course setting. I did not set courses, but I try to find challenging legs:

Unfortunately, I did not find any of real competition route choice.

My preparation give me a lot info about the terrain, but in the end nearly all route choices were equal and my poor performance was caused by terrible running shape…

Results sprintGPS sprint

Photo: Kade.cz


This was a challenge for me. I was aiming for middle, but after winning long on Czech selections, I have to run it also on WOC. My goal was to be around 15th place. My final 16th place means satisfaction for me and my […]