Jan Bet Procházka

Review of Total training center

In the autumn Hannu Airila got a new impulse for the next season. He booked a house in Vagos (The Murzu calls village Vag**os. It is in Portugal close to Aveiro) from January until March. Hannu changed this ordinary Portugese house into Total training centre. I decided to make a short visit in the beginning and write an review of Total training center. You can see the webpages of Total training center here.

Pros + Nice house and healthy food (even some more Haribo might be good…) + The Chef is even better than The Souths Park One + Massages are available + You can for example buy a chicken on local market and you can grill it before you leave.

Cons – The distances, everything is here closer when you are talking about it. You can never reach the beach in afternoon jogging, even it should be just 5km. – In the house you are under non-stop surveillance of Mafioso. – Bit longer traveling distances to the maps …

But anyway, for me those two weeks are really good an important in my training program. Last week I did maybe half of the trainings without the map as […]