Jan Bet Procházka

Czech Long Championship

Race was covered by TV (beginning of record and the end live). It looks perfect and maybe this is a future for orienteering and TV production from long distance! We were allowed to have 3min starting interval and there are not any blank spaces in TV coverage. What a great job. You can check it out here:


If you don’t have time to watch it, just jump to time 145:00, because next time I have to be more carefull with Champagne and don’t puke in live coverage…

results tractrac

More info about my golden race will be on Monday in Czech language on Czech and Slovak Inov8 team blog.

SM middle and relay

After Vuokatti training camp, I have spent some time in Joensuu. Basically I tried to rest before weekend competitions and I have used this time to visit Joensuu University. I am still student there, but I was pretty surprised, when I entered the building and all the offices were empty. Firstly I get a bit scared, but then I had realized, that maybe they just move my department. Even those things can happened to students, who did not visit school for two years…

I started my way towards WOC 2013 already after this year WOC and Finnish middle distance and relay champs were a first real test of my skills. Middle distance qualification was a big challenge and with my early starting position, I have to run full speed. I managed to avoid mistakes and did securely qualify for final! Uff.


Middle final was a really nice and demanding competition. It was a real contour orienteering. I made few mistakes, like did not simplify the leg to 3rd control enough and I hesitated for a while on the way to 6th control. I was still in the game, but then I made huge mistake to 10th control and […]

First time in snow free Vuokatti

I was already two times in Vuokatti during last winter’s. First time it was during pre-X-mas time with KR guys and Guitar Hero Playstation game. Second time we were there on January winter TC again with KR and hevonen-hiihto…

For the third time I can finally taste local terrains. It was a bit pity, that Czech Team did not run NORT, but we were doing many relevant trainings in local forests. Those forests are not so different from Joensuu terrains. It is also clearly visible from Sunday regional middle distance competition results. Kalevan Rasti runners were in fire in there. It will be extremely difficult for continental runners to succeed in this terrain, because running in this stony and soft ground is really challenging. I have to keep it in mind during winter trainings.

Czech team trainings from Friday-Monday are in my map archive

and you can also easily watch 3D rerun for xample from those relay-intervals (button in archive)

Czech team left on Monday and I join KR runners nad Finnish team for two more days. We did some sprint and chasing start middle on Tuesday. It went quite well for me, maybe the name of the map […]