Jan Bet Procházka

World Cup in New Zealand

Nice old model of World Cup is back for a week. There are some slight differences. For example we are not running any long distance. Everyone could make his own opinion about that, but I am happy to be here in New Zealand for season opening.

World Cup 1 middle First race was on the ocean coast in the sand dunes. It was special and challenging race. I did not have high expectation, because I am not used to run in this kind of terrain with the soft sand on the ground, but still I was expecting better performance, than I did. I have finished on 21st place with unfocused performance over 6min behind Fabu the King of the day.


World Cup 2 sprint Already qualification of the second World Cup race showed us, that we have to expect nice and tricky final. It was a true, the beginning of the final race was really interesting with many route choices, where you can lose a lot of time by making decisions and searching for route choices. It was my case and when I took a wrong route choice to nr. 7, my placement in top ten was […]