Jan Bet Procházka

Lipica open 2013

Nice terrains full of analyses, just enjoy:

2D rerun long

2D rerun middle

And if you are still hungry, you can eat it like Alessio

Czech team price for best team:

Sunny, rainy stony but fast

Finally I am exploring nice and challenging terrains! I started this season by trip to New Zealand, but it was mainly about competing in World Cups and doing some basic running training afterwards.

I spend February in Czech and made some trainings in the snow around Brno and other parts of Czech. Those trainings were ok, but not a challenging and I was doing a lot of mistakes, OJ. Basically manage to make some basic runing work towards next season. Last test of my shape was race from this Saturday Vranovsky zleb: 9,2km / 31min / 240m climbing / about 3-4km in snow and mud results

Finally March is in the sign of real orienteering! Even the trees are leavesless and best terrains are still covered by the snow, I am enjoying running in Slovenia a lot! You can see some examples of trainings here:


And there will be two more trainings every day uploaded until Saturday to my maparchive!

2D rerun from our Thursday mass-start

Darkness is outside so it is a time to run middle from Lipica 2012 by night! Hopefully I will be still hungry for orienteering during next week, when I will […]