Jan Bet Procházka

Jukola 2013: what a teachers I have

My way towards this year Jukola started already last year on WOC banquet. I peak Jukola 2013 as the next goal and even with WOC gold medal in my pocket, I still have to fight for the place in the first team. I got a confirmation after last stage of NORT, yes! In the evening before the start I just realize that I am the only one in the team who never won Jukola so I have asked the guys to teach me: how to win. I was so excited that I cannot fall asleep during the Jukola night, so I just watched how Jere is dancing trough first leg, afterwards I was expecting bit stronger finish from last control from SP (like last year), Pena showed that even he was not able to do two night trainings during week before Jukola (due to short Finnish nights), he was still able to handle big challenge of Jukola long night. Hannu was again for the while listening crazy frog song, but still come first to exchange. I tried to do error-less orienteering, but still sometimes too careful. It was enough to send Swiss Robocop Fabu (NORT + two selection races in […]

First and last NORT

This year it was my first experience with Nordic orienteering tour and unfortunately also the last one. The Czech team did not participate in previous years, because it is not the cheapest to travel on the way Norway-Sweden-Finland, but this year we finally build the team and took it like preparation for WOC in Finland.

What impressions did I got during last week:

About myself: I was 9th in overall standing, that is pretty good result on which I can build up my preparation towards WOC, but in first four stages my results were always behind expectations. In Norway I always lost some time just before end of competitions. In Sweden I was knocked-out after poor run in semifinal and finally last sprint in Turku did not went according to my expectations either. I made again 30s mistake in middle of the sprint course and end-up on basic 20th place. Last race went well, but I was all the time in huge group of runners. So I made some OK runs, but not any good results, I can say that I was just average runner, who no one is going to remember.

overall standings

About NORT First two stages in […]