Jan Bet Procházka

Czech long Championship

The terrain of Jeseniky Mountains is not technically demanding, it was more about route choices, but still it results in the men’s class were influenced by mistakes in control attacking. I am not talking about Jan Sedivy, who showed up good running shape and nearly avoids the mistakes in control circle and run for clear victory, congratulations.

Organizers prepared for us nice autumn peak of the season. The course setters set nearly the best course in this kind of terrain, just bit too short. I felt ok from physical side, but made too many mistakes in control attacking, because I was lazy to read the map properly and rise up my concentration before few difficult places. This cost me medal and I finished on 4th place. You can see my map down in the link, I miss too much in few difficult places, but then took a good route choice on longest leg and come back to fight for medal, but it was not enough this time. I would be satisfied with 4th place and errorless performance, but this was not the case…




Long way from World Games towards autumn season

I wrote my last article full of enthusiasm before World Games, but already first race kick me down on the ground. I was struggling with my motivation after WOC and in Columbia I was totally burn out. My shape on WOC was not best, I would say it was a last competition I was able to run well before need of new higher volume training period, but there was not time to do it between WOC and World Games. Due to this reason my results were really poor in Columbia. I did not expect this in the spring, when I was selected for World Games; otherwise I would leave my place to someone else…

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But traveling after World games was perfect and enjoyable! Surfing, wheals watching, fish and steaks eating, wind surfing etc…

In August I finally find some time to start regular training again. My first goal was to be in the shape for our Czech team training camp in Asiago, to be able to run well all the trainings there. It was really good camp and you can find more info about on Czech team webpage, or in my map archive.

In […]