Jan Bet Procházka

Winter? Let’s use the opportunity!

It is already a long time since I wrote an article in English. In one month I am going to Portugal so it is time to practise my English skills again. This winter is pretty warm and during Xmas time it was quite difficult to find some cross-country skiing tracks with snow in the Czech Republic, but not impossible in the mountains…

Czech team training camp Skokovy (Sandstones) Basically, it is snow-free down in the lowlands and we can practise orienteering nearly everywhere. This weekend we had training camp with Czech team and it was amazing weather from five to ten degrees. We had started on Friday with beautiful night-o in sandstone terrain, but I had to skip this training due to small but painful blister.

On Saturday we had morning short middle distance on reduced map. You can check our 3D rerun here. We know a terrain, because we had run there already once before the training so it was pretty easy, but still difficult to keep full focus all the time. In the afternoon we did o-intervals and it was bit over speed orienteering in really nice terrain. We close a day with night (orienteering). Sandstones are nice, […]