Jan Bet Procházka

Czech sprint champs

Czech orienteering federation is doing a good job and our Czech Sprint Championship was again live in TV. It was pretty nice race, but preparation of my club mates made it easier. As you can see, Jan Flasar prepared really good map and Lubos Mateju put it into good design. My first course was not the best one, but I guess well the place of start.

link to the map which was published before race

After reading an article on city websites, I understood that we will not go to castle, so first course was bit wrong, but I did not set any other courses. I was just measuring few long legs and surprisingly I again guess well the route-choice to the third control. That made my decision about route-choice easier and I was not cached to the trap of running around the castle from the right.

In overall it was a nice sprint, but I missed few times about 5s on mistakes. I finished second behind Vojta Kral. It was fourth time in row I was second and again with small margin. So I am still waiting for my first gold from Czech Sprint Championship, the only missing […]

Tiomila victory and silver from Portugal


This weekend was again one of the most enjoyable. It is amazing, how Kalevan Rasti guys get relaxed before the start of 10mila or Jukola. We did made a lot of theoretical preparation for 10mila during this winter and it was paid back during night from 3rd to 4th May 2014. Our full focus on orienteering and no-mistake strategy work again. Like Hannu planned this year we were using Mo Farah strategy, „when the last lap began, we were in the lead and ran the last lap in 53 seconds. No one was able to run over us.“

For me it was a bit special 10mila. Even I do not feel like a biggest star of our club, I got an opportunity to run last leg, due to new distribution of legs distances. I have to thank to:

Kiril, even when he had longer forking he did a perfect job! Juuso, it is amazing how he handle his first time in our first team Jere, who is still living the dream, that there is forking on 10mila. He did never run forked course in our first team… Hannu and his controlled performance, but mainly for being big heart of […]