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World cup Tasmania long

I just got a map on the start and was impressed. There was a little time on the small path to read the long leg to the 3rd control. During this time I did not find any solution. Later the stony slope did not allow runners to read the map in advance and suddenly I was on the second control. As I did not find any solution of the leg, I took the straight option. Running was really heavy in this hilly, stony terrain with lot of underground. However when I reached the hill before 3rd control I decided to go straight, because the fire from last year’s burn out all the under vegetation and running was suddenly extremely fast. This was an unexpected change and runners have to shift higher speed to be able to compete with the best. As the beginning of the course was an amazing experience, the rest was basic and fast orienteering course. I finished on the 9th place.

As we were not running with GPS, it is difficult to evaluate long leg. As Mattias and Daniel left variant was clearly the fastest:

maps with routechioces Hubmann, Kyburz and Dent Matt Kerchi splits

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World cup Tasmania sprint and middle

Already two years ago we (me and Seda) got an invitation to Tasmanian WC. We were smiling, it was too far ahead. However, I started to think about this summer and due to support of my sponsor, I am here! Thanks!

More up to date info is on Czech orienteering facebook profile

WC sprint 28th place I got a nice feeling after qualification. The qualification race was in the terrain of First Basin in Launceston. This is a really handsome park, just suitable for WC qualification race. The final race was located to the local university campus. This was much trickier and I struggled a lot. I missed already on the way to the second control and never climb back into the pace. It was again an amazing performance of the Swiss guys, as you can see from results.

Worldofo analyze Results

WC middle 9th place The Coles Bay was the village just next to competition terrain. It is one of the main tourist attractions and gateway to Freycinet national park. I am spending my time with Gernot, so we made some training in St Helens area, but those trainings did not go well for me. The terrain does not […]