Jan Bet Procházka

3rd on Tiomila 2016 and home EOC behind doors

After the while is time for English again with Tiomila and EOC behind the doors.

Tiomila 2016

The night of Tiomila is always an amazing experience. This time it was a short night as mi task was on the seventh leg. I could sleep only few hours and during them, our team did not have the best start into the relay, but with perfect runs on second and third leg we climb back into the long night train. That was our goal and we were ready to attack afterwards as we did. We manage again to make the competition spectacular and dramatic until the end and finished on nice 3rd place loosing victory in final sprint.


photo by Jukka

My 7th leg

We were a bit behind after 6th leg. This year I got a new task to run a night leg. The advantage was, that terrain of “middle distance style” legs, was not extremely challenging. As you can see from GPS link, controls were just between skiing tracks and best routes were often by using those tracks. I manage to do a good run nearly without any mistake and move our team closer to the leading SNO.

EOC behind doors

Tiomila performance was a nice impulse before EOC. It starts in less than week on the home ground. I am travelling to Jeseniky on Thursday and I will run four races there:

Saturday: Sprint Relay
Sunday: Sprint
Friday: middle
Saturday: Relay

webpages of EOC 2016 Czech Republic
And here is a TV and streming programme for Fans


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