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EOC 2012 test races

3km test race
Czech team had pretty thought program this weekend. We started already on Friday with 3km test run. To get full points we have to run it under 8:45. I made a good cooperation with Vojta Kral and we easily fulfill the time! Jep feeling was good.
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Sprint test race
This feeling has changed on Saturday with sprint test race. I had failed in qualification (more info in my map archive) and final was enjoyable just for top10 runners. Others have to stay in the queues for one SI unit and it was difficult to overrun somebody in narrow streets. Model of two sprints with interval starts might be much more enjoyable at least for me, because city was really nice and tricky!

Long test race
The worst feeling is when you get cached already in the beginning of your race by your teammate (Tomas Dlabaja). It happened to me after choosing wrongly route-choice to 2nd control. I had chosen wrongly whole route and also first part of this leg might be done at least 1min faster by running down from the 1st control. Even I was cached I stayed aggressive all the time and from 3rd control I made good performance without any large error.

Middle test race
Our middle race was in Germany on the map Heisser Forst. The character of terrain was pretty similar to EOC finals, just ground was much harder and easy to run. Nearly all the men’s runners had avoided mistakes so results are just reflexing running speed.

Standing after selection races

Next stop Darlana!

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